Payment and Shipping

You'll receive your invoice in a separate email. Your articles will be shipped as soon as we'll have received your payment. Please note that some banks have a bank transfer to another currency.  Charges will be communicated to you by your bank.


You will pay your invoice with your Paypal account. Your articles will be shipped as soon as possible.
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Shipping Charges

 for Slovakia:

Via Česká pošta - Slovenská pošta: 

to 3 kg - 260 CZK

to 10 kg - 300 CZK

to max. 20 kg - 500 CZK

Via DPD 

to 3 kg - 250 CZK

to 30 kg - 350 CZK


For Europe via DPD:

Zone  to 3 kg  to 20 kg  to 30 kg
1  380 CZK  520 CZK  730 CZK
2  580 CZK  780 CZK  1150 CZK
3  800 CZK  1050 CZK  1350 CZK
4  1000 CZK  1350 CZK  1920 CZK


Zone 1: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland

Zone 2: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland

Zone 3: Croatia, Ireland, Slovenia

Zone 4: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden


Shipping to other Countries
At the moment, these are the only activated countries in our online shop. If your country isn't activated, please contact us - we are looking forward to helping you!