Payment and Shipping

You will receive the invoice in a separate e-mail. Your articles will be submitted as soon as we receive your payment. Please note that some banks charge for a transfer to another currency. Your bank will inform you of the fees.


You will pay your invoice with your Paypal account. Your articles will be shipped as soon as possible.
Our Paypal account:


Shipping Charges

 for Slovakia:

Via Česká pošta - Slovenská pošta: 

to 2 kg - 10 EUR

to 10 kg - 11,50 EUR

to max. 20 kg - 19 EUR

Via DPD 

to 3 kg - 10 EUR

to 30 kg - 13,5 EUR


For some EU countries via DPD:

Zone  to 3 kg  to 20 kg  to 30 kg
1  14,99 EUR  19,99 EUR  27,99 EUR
2  21,88 EUR  29,49 EUR  43,49 EUR
3  30,99 EUR  39,99 EUR  50,99 EUR
4  37,99 EUR  50,99 EUR  73,99 EUR


Zone 1: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland

Zone 2: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland

Zone 3: Croatia, Ireland, Slovenia

Zone 4: Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden


It is possible to choose the Best delivery solution to some countries. The package will be sent by post or courier so that the price of transport is the lowest. The price is displayed after placing the order. The weight limit is 5 kg.


Shipping to other Countries
We ship only to European Union countries. Shipping outside the European Union is only possible by prior arrangement. Please contact us via email! 

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